Profile photo thefts from Facebook have always been a matter of concern especially for certain countries like India.

Having a great percentage of its users from countries like India, Facebook has decided to incorporate new tools to stop photo thefts and to bring in a sense of security to its users, especially women.

The aim is to stop the outside use of a photo which is uploaded to a person’s personal Facebook account.Facebook protect tools

Facebook announced earlier this week that they are testing out some new tools in India which are designed to stop the profile photos from being copied.

What all will the Facebook protect tools offer?

  • They will keep the profile pictures from being downloaded, shared, or sent to someone else.
  • If a person is not your friend on Facebook, he/she won’t be able to tag anyone in the protected photo, which includes themselves as well.
  • The best thing: If the protected profile picture is being seen on an Android device, the Facebook protect would even not allow taking a screenshot of the screen.
  • Any profile picture protected by the Facebook protect tools will be displayed with a blue border and a shield around it.
  • Additionally, for the Indian users, few Indian textile patterns are given as an option to be used with the protected profile pictures.

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According to Facebook, the Facebook protect tools are a vital step towards a safer and happier user experience on the internet. As of now, it is going to be tested in India and if the project sees success, Facebook is planning to roll out these protect tools to the rest of the world as well.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you should definitely be trying out on the Facebook protect tools and share your feedback about the same.

Update: The tools are not working in some smartphones including Xiaomi smartphones.