NDA or the National Defence Academy is the holy ground of friendship, hard work, leadership, and most importantly – Honor.

If we start talking about everything the NDA has, it will take an eternity. In this article, I will guide you through the different Squadrons and Battalions in NDA.

NDA Squadrons – A cadet’s second home


On reporting to the NDA, each cadet is allotted a Squadron which becomes his home throughout his three years of the NDA journey.

There are in total 5 different Battalions and 18 different Squadrons in the National Defence Academy. This makes out for 4 Squadrons in the first 4 Battalions and 2 in the Fifth Battalion.

List of Squadrons in NDA

  1. AlphaNDA
  2. BravoNDA
  3. CharlieNDA
  4. DeltaNDA
  5. EchoNDA
  6. FoxtrotNDA
  7. GolfNDA
  8. HunterNDA
  9. IndiaNDA
  10. JulietNDA
  11. KiloNDA
  12. LimaNDA
  13. MikeNDA
  14. NovemberNDA
  15. OscarNDA
  16. PantherNDA
  17. QuebecNDA
  18. RomeoNDA

NDA Battalion Colours

Each Battalion has different colors:

1st Battalion


2nd Battalion


3rd Battalion


4th Battalion


5th Battalion


If you paid attention to the Squadron and Battalion colors, it’s not too difficult to make out how the different color combinations are made.

The upper triangle of any Squadron color is the color of the respective Battalion of the Squadron, whereas the lower triangle follows a general pattern:

  • Black color for the 1st Squadron of the Battalion
  • Yellow color for the 2nd Squadron of the Battalion
  • Grey color for the 3rd Squadron of the Battalion
  • Green color for the 4th Squadron of the Battalion

This color combination leaves the Panther and the Romeo Squadron with just a single color to show on their flags.

Traditions in NDA

Every Squadron in the National Defence Academy follows its own set of traditions which are more important for the cadets than anything.

While some traditions might give you a sense of pride, some would let you in a confused state of mind as well.

Traditions, like Being the best in Drill, Being the best in Cross Country Events, or even being the best in studies, are pretty standard out there and a lot of Squadrons boast of being the best in one thing or the other.

But then, there are traditions like forcing the cadets to grow a mustache, being able to eat Maggi only after successfully completing a camp in the second term, being able to wear socks without folding them etc are some of the ever confusing traditions.

But say whatever you may, it’s all fun and it makes complete sense in the longer run.

I used to receive a lot of questions on Quora from different Army Aspirants, the reason why I have begun to write about the National Defence Academy now. This is just a small article and I would love to share a lot about the NDA provided this article gets some response.

Therefore, should you want me to write more about NDA, do let me know in the comments section below.

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