If you are reading this article to know about the Keywords and the best Keyword Planner to find them, it is quite certain that you are looking to drive organic traffic to your website.

While there are is a lot of important things you need to do to ensure that your website receives quality organic traffic, this article is strictly going to be focused on one of those aspects – A Keyword Planner.

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What is a Keyword Planner?

Before getting to know what a Keyword Planner is, first let’s discuss what Keywords are.

Keywords or Keyphrases are essentially the queries people put in the search box of their respective search engines.

For instance, if you are reading this article, chances are that you must have searched something like

  • Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Generator

Or anything like that. The point is, you can get an idea of what keywords are. Chances are, in fact, more than a 100 percent that you already know about them.

Coming back to our prime focus, the Keyword Planner.

Keyword Planners are online tools which help you plan the most suitable Keywords for the content you are curating. They give you can idea as to whether the keywords you are going to make use of will get a respectable place in the SERP or not. And even if they do achieve a proper ranking, it does not necessarily mean that your work is done. Let me make it clear with an example.

At Stuff Listings, we deal with a lot of different niches, one of them being WordPress Plugins.

Recently we covered a WordPress Plugin called Under Construction Page (UCP).

That article ranks second in the SERP with the Keyword “UCP WordPress Plugin

But that article drives too little a traffic. “Why?”, you ask? Because the volume of people searching for this particular keyword is too less.

The point is, Keyword planning is a two-way game. You have to find the Keywords which are easy to rank well and have a high search volume at the same time. This is where Keyword Planning tools or Keyword Planners come into play.

The best Keyword Planner

While there are many websites which might get the job done for you, the one which I am going to mention here works out the best for me.

KWfinder By Mangools

However weird that name might sound, this Keyword Planner has proven to be the most useful and Mango fruitful one for me throughout my journey.

The reason as to why I am saying this is the amount of detail this Keyword Planner offers.

Keyword Planner

How to use KWfinder Keyword Planner?

There is nothing too difficult about this Keyword Tool. You just have to perform the following steps –

  1. Make a plot of your article
  2. Think of a Keyword
  3. Search that Keyword in the Keyword Planner
  4. Check for the color in the result page. If it is green, you can go for the Keyword, if it is yellow, you might have to work hard to achieve a good ranking, if it is red, well, do not waste your time on it, move on.
  5. Even if the color is green, make sure you have a look at the search volume at the left pane of the tool. If the search volume is too less, once again, it’s probably not worth the effort.

The KWfinder is an amazing Keyword Research Tool. The only limitation, however, is that it allows only up to 2 Keyword searches per 24 hours if you want to use the tool for free.

There are paid versions of the tool available, but it won’t be wise to spend that much of money if you are somewhat new in the game.

Again, getting 2 top quality Keyword ideas for free, every day is not bad at all right?

You can make use of the KWfinder Keyword Planner from the button mentioned below


Hack it out

I know I should not be mentioning this, but signing up with an email id gives you access to 3 Keywords a day. Is there any limit to the number of email id’s you can have?

If you know what I mean…

I hope the article helped you with all your queries. If it did, do let us all know in the comments section down below. It would motivate us to provide you with more of stuff like this.