Twitter is doing a lot lately – at least on the smartphone Apps frontier. The Latest Twitter App update brings in a complete redesign of the App.

Twitter is one of the greatest social networking platforms to share your thoughts to the world. With the rest of the social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchatand even Facebook constantly bringing in new features almost every day, it was high time that Twitter also did something to keep pace, and thankfully it has done just that. The Latest Twitter App update succeeds in getting our appreciation.

Latest Twitter App update
A redesigned look in the Latest Twitter App update

If you happen to be a regular user on Twitter, you are in for a tWeat, bad joke eh?

The update is going to take place across almost all the platforms – Android, iOS, the web, even the Lite Apps.

Basically, there is going to be a complete visual refresh across almost all the places where you can find Twitter.

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What’s new in the Latest Twitter App update?

As said, the design makeover is the prime highlight of this update. Let’s have a look at how the Twitter App looks before the update

Latest Twitter App update Latest Twitter App update

After installing the Latest Twitter App update, you might see some cool changesLatest Twitter App update

  • More intuitive icons
  • A much more refined Typography
  • Rounded Profile Pictures
  • The ever persistent Reply icon, which was usually mistaken with a back button by many, is now being replaced by a speech bubble.
  • Night Mode support
  • Tweets will now update instantaneously with Reply, Retweet, and Like counts on the go, giving you an idea of the conversations as they happen.

If you are an iOS user, the latest Twitter App update will now show profile, additional accounts, settings, and privacy options in an easy side navigation menu which are rather a welcome change to the Twitter interface on iOS devices.

Latest Twitter App update

Want to try out the Latest Twitter App update? Head to your respective Play Store or App Store to download it and give it a try. If you are an Android user, you can get the update by following the button given below

Latest Twitter App update


Download the Latest Twitter App from Play Store