The new offline page in the Google Play Store will save a lot of time, and the frustration nevertheless.

You might have faced this situation more times than you realize. You open the Google Play Store and it says “no internet connection” on an ugly page reminding you of the old Android generations.

If you don’t know what that situation is, turn off your data, open Play Store, and you would see a screen like the one shown later in the article.

The present offline page – What’s wrong with it?

Google Play Store offline modeThere is nothing wrong with this page as such. But the problem is

  1. It looks pathetic
  2. You have to keep on clicking on the Retry button till the time your internet connection is established in order to access the page you were looking for in the Play Store

Google, after a million years, finally has decided to revamp this page and give it a whole new look.

If you open the Play Store in offline mode now, instead of showing this error page, the Play Store would give you an additional option to notify you as and when a data connection is established.

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This means that you do not have to keep refreshing the Play Store page, you can go on and do other stuff on your smartphone, and let the device notify you about this.

Google Play Store offline mode
Android Police

If you have not got this update yet, you might have to give it some time as the new Play Store update is slowly rolling out across devices.

The Retry button is still available, but you now get an additional option of getting notified. Additionally, the UI is more minimal and looks a lot neater than the previous one.

All these are small steps but this is quite certain that Google is not leaving anything behind to keep up as the iOS 11 is soon making its way, with a completely revamped and redesigned App Store.

If you have got the latest update and got the offline page access, do let us know about that in the comments section down below.

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