Ever wanted to convert your website into an Android App? This WordPress plugin lets you do just that. WordApp enables you to convert your WordPress website into an Android App – for free, within five minutes.

The WordApp Mobile App plugin is probably the easiest and the fastest way to create your very own Android App.

Of course, making your website mobile-friendly is one important factor behind a good SEO, but imagine the exposure your website may get if it is available on the Google Play Store as well.

It is indeed a very good idea to have your own Native App as it would give your website the boost you always wanted.


Developed by App-Developers, WordApp is a completely free WordPress plugin which lets you convert your WordPress website into a fully functional Android Native App. You can create an iOS app as well in case you want to do that.

What’s the best thing with WordApp? You do not need to do anything. you just have to install the WordApp Plugin, follow the on-screen instructions, and let the plugin do its job.

Though the process is fairly easy, and even a newbie would not face any difficulty whatsoever while creating the App, the developers of the plugin just could not settle down with the amazing work they have done, hence the tutorial video.

How to create a free Android App using the WordApp plugin?

WordApp Admin Panel

1. Install and Activate the WordApp Mobile App Plugin

Take the simple 3 step install and make your own mobile app.

2. Customize

From the mobile plugin, you can choose the colors, fonts, logo, and content to use in your app. You will have a live preview as you make the changes.

3. Click publish

The developer team will create your mobile app for free and send it to your email. On average the Android app will take 30 minutes to 2 hours to be built.

As mentioned earlier, the process is fairly easy and automated, still, if you have any problems while using the interface, you can make use of this tutorial video

Everything you need to do to create the native app is mentioned precisely in the video, and after watching it, the rest of the work would be a piece of cake for you.

Features of WordApp plugin

  • Automatic content sync – you need not update your app every time you curate some new content, it would synchronize automatically.
  • Customize your app live – You can change the layout, color scheme, fonts, almost the entire look of your app is at your disposal.
  • You do not need to publish the app, the developer team does the task for you.
  • Mobile app advertising and monetization – You can integrate your AdMob account with the App to monetize it.
  • QR Code reader.
  • Push Notifications.
  • GEOlocation – Track location once, or repeatedly.
  • Mobile App Ratings – Get more ratings, SEO is the regime.
  • 30+ beautiful themes(free).
  • Customize the menus & widgets for mobile only users.
  • Mobile only content.
  • Versioning – You can push subsequent updates straight from the WordPress dashboard
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Final thoughts

Having a fully dedicated Native App for your website is something anyone would love. It gives your business more of a professional touch while giving your website an exposure to the overwhelming population of smartphone users.

Even if a few users download your App, their reviews might come in handy when it comes to SEO and SERP. Hence, you can always give WordApp a try, after all, it’s free.

You can download the WordApp from the WordPress Plugins section or you can get it directly by pressing the button given below

Create a free Native App using this Plugin

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