The best WordPress plugins that would take your productivity to a whole new level.

I know I have missed a lot of other crucial plugins in this list of the Best WordPress plugins, but I believe these ones are the first and foremost for anyone. So I could not ignore these five at any cost.

When we talk about blogging, WordPress, undoubtedly, comes out winning over any other CMS.

Why? There are a lot of reasons for that, and I won’t be mentioning those in this article.

You could, however, have a look at BLOGGER VS SELF-HOSTED WORDPRESS in case you doubt my opinion.

Now, I believe you have checked out this article and you now understand how useful and productive WordPress is for you.

But having a WordPress based website sometimes might be a big pain as well. ‘Why’, you ask? Well, there is a plethora of Plugins available at your disposal and you just can not make out as to which ones to use.

I’ll make things somewhat easier for you by giving you the list of the 5 best WordPress plugins which you must have.

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Best WordPress plugins #1: Yoast SEO

Talking about WordPress and then talking about Yoast is, to be honest, cliche now. But this is so powerful a tool, that it just could not be ignored and it deserves the number one rank in the Best WordPress plugins list.

What Yoast does is, give you an idea of the readability as well as the SEO potential of the post you are curating in real-time.

best wordpress plugins best wordpress plugins

Hence, if you are using Yoast, you already have an idea as to how the post is going to look in search results. Additionally, you can change your meta tags, even the way your URL looks.

I told you in the very beginning, Yoast SEO is a must-have and probably the best WordPress plugin ever. It would make your work a lot easier, saving you all the hassle you used to have otherwise.

There is a prime version available as well, which would allow you to add multiple keywords. But you would have to spend some bucks to avail that.

Best WordPress plugins #2: Envira Gallery

Ever seen those slideshows in websites which give smartphone reviews or stuff like that? Don’t you just love it and wish you could also have slideshows like those to make your articles so much better?

Envira Gallery is the solution for you. Using Envira Gallery, you can create a, well, gallery, for your article.

Imagine you are making a smartphone review or you are a travel blogger or a photography blogger.

It becomes quite necessary for people like them to show off their photos in the best possible way.

If you are any of those, you could make use of the #2 of our Best WordPress plugins list.

I am attaching a demo gallery in the article just to show you how this works

[envira-gallery id=”333″]

How to use Envira Gallery?

All you have to do is –

1. Install the plugin first, and then activate it.

2. Access the plugin from the left side menu in your WordPress.

3. Click on Add new

best wordpress plugins - envira gallery

4. Name your gallery, drag and drop the photos you want to use.

best wordpress plugins - envira gallery

5. After you click on publish, it would show you a small piece of code like this: [envira-gallry id = “333”]

I have changed some letters in the code otherwise it would have shown photos instead.

That’s it, just use this code wherever you want in the post and you are good to go.

Best WordPress plugins #3: Blog2Social

Creating a quality article is one thing – letting the world know about it is other.

Both go hand in hand. Hence, sharing the content you have created becomes quite crucial even from an SEO point of view.

Though there are options like Buffer, addthis, and IFTTT as well, which even work with Blogspot for that matter.

But again, since you are using WordPress, why not make full use of it right?

Blog2Social is one of the best WordPress plugins for social sharing.

It covers almost all the leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Medium and a lot more.

While the paid version gives you the ability to add almost any number of profiles from these platforms, the free version is not any less. It almost gets the job done.

Best WordPress plugins - Blog2Social

After linking your social media accounts with Blog2Social, you just have to click on the Share on social media button from the posts and sharing option from the menu.

Best WordPress Plugins - Blog2Social

One big drawback in the free version is that you can not automate the posts.

This means you do not have the liberty to schedule the post for a later point in time. You can make use of Buffer for that if it is important for you.

Best WordPress plugins #4: AMPforWP

AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages are optimized pages for relatively slow connections, which load almost instantaneously whenever the network is too poor to load the whole page in its original form.

From an SEO point of view, AMPs are of vital importance. Google prioritized these pages a lot

(In case you are not aware of how Google indexing works, you can make use of GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE – YOUR KEY TO RANK HIGH to have a better understanding of how things are done)

Coming back to the AMPforWP plugin, it helps you to make any post an accelerated mobile page without any coding skills required. This is the real power of WordPress, as making this happen on a BlogSpot hosted website is quite cumbersome.

After installing the plugin, you would see an additional text editor just beneath the original one, wherein you can curate your AMP.

Best WordPress plugins - AMPforWP

This might not have struck your mind till now. But if you paid attention, try searching for anything on Google through any smartphone.

It is almost guaranteed that the posts on the top would have the lightning icon, showing how easily you can rank high if you make use of this plugin – the only reason it makes the best WordPress plugins list.

Best WordPress plugins #5: WP SMUSH

One important aspect of website SEO is how optimized your media items are.

If you do not utilize your website images properly, it would increase the page load time, thereby hurting your website rankings pretty badly.

If you are using WordPress, you need not worry about manually changing the sizes of each image you use. Let WP SMUSH do the work for you.

Best WordPress plugins - WP SMUSH

As you can see, it automatically ensures that your images are well optimized. It compresses each image you use (without compromising their quality, if you already started worrying about that.)

It is a must-have plugin as it would work in the background and keep on optimizing your website for better performance.

While these were some of the best WordPress plugins available, there is still a lot which is almost impossible to be ignored.

But my main focus was on the plugins which help you with your SEO. Hence I have not mentioned the other important ones in this article.

There are a lot of useful plugins like Google Analytics Plugin, Google Adsense Plugin, Subscription Plugins and a lot more.

If you want me to make a separate list of those plugins as well, do let me know in the comments section down below and I would list them out for you.

If you believe this article was of any help to you, do not forget to share it. After all, everyone needs a little appreciation, eh?

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