The Google Play Store has seen a lot of new games showing up lately. Some of them are pretty graphic intense, while some are simply addictive as an Oreo.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Android games of June, which you might consider giving a try.

 Top 5 Android games of June

Top 5 Android games of June #1 – Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is the sequel to one of the most downloaded Android games of all time – Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Top 5 Android games of June

This time the Injustice game brings in some serious graphical improvements, as well as a plethora of new fighting moves to make this game all the way more amazing.

Enter the Universe of Injustice 2 and unleash the powerful fighting style of your favorite DC Super Heroes and Villains. Expanding on the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2 delivers brand new characters, tons of exciting new modes, and the look and fighting style that NetherRealm Studios is known for. Leverage the all-new Gear System to build and progress your roster like never before – then enter the arena and become the ultimate DC fighter in blockbuster 3-on-3 action.

The main highlight of the Injustice 2 which sets it apart from the already existing games of this lineup is the newly added moves which provide the games with more flexibility.

Performing a move in the air is a luxury games like Mortal Kombat X, WWE Immortals, and even the earlier Injustice game failed to offer.

Injustice 2 is definitely a game to be played, and it deserves the top spot on our list of the Top 5 Android games of the month.

Have a look at the trailer video of the Injustice 2

In case you want to download Injustice 2, you can download it for free from either the Play Store or by pressing the button down below

Injustice 2 APK

Top 5 Android games of June #2 – Iron Blade: Medieval RPG

Top 5 Android games of June #2 - Iron Blade: Medieval RPG

Amazing storyline, stunning graphics, and absolutely free. Iron Blade has everything to offer any Android Gaming fan.

The Templars need a hero! Join millions of other players on a glorious quest to save all of the humanity or spend eternity in the depths of Hell. Are you the Iron Blade-bearing savior the prophecy foretells?

Iron Blade is a graphic-intense game and it probably would not be able to run on low-end devices that well.

Minimum requirements:

CPU: Dual Core — 2.4 GHz, ARMv7 or x86
GPU: Adreno 320 (Galaxy S4), PowerVR G6430 (Zenfone 2), Tegra K1 (Nexus 9), Mali-T604 (Nexus 10)
Android OS: Android 4.3 (SDK 18)

You can download Iron Blade from the button given below

Iron Blade APK

Top 5 Android games of June #3 – Fidget Spinner

Yeah, you heard it, the #trendingonstreets Fidget Spinner is officially integrated into your smartphone screens now.

Top 5 Android games of June

You’ve seen them on the streets, on your commute and in your office; fidget spinners. Now these stress relieving toys come to your hand on Android. With this simulator game, you no longer need a real fidget spinner!

So, in case you can not somehow spin your real Fidget Spinner, you can always keep the Fidget Spinner app in your pocket and spin it on the go. Fun eh?

Features of Fidget Spinner App

  • Realistic simulator with authentic spinning physics.
  • Dozens of fidget spinners to choose from.
  • Glow, laser and neon graphics shown even more details of the spinners.

Download the Fidget spinner for free from the button given below

Fidget Spinner APK

Top 5 Android games of June #4 – Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game

Zombie Anarchy is a strategy based survival game by Gameloft.

Do you have what it takes to survive Hell on Earth?

If you are a fan of how the post-apocalyptic planet would look like and want to kill as many Zombies as possible to survive, Zomby Anarchy is the game for you.

Get Zombie Anarchy for free in case you want to kill those slow, creepy creatures

Zombie Anarchy APK

Top 5 Android games of June #5 – Vertigo Racing

Vertigo Racing is a newly added racing game on the roster, with some unique, classic console-like features.

The reason as to why this game makes the list of the Top 5 Android games is because it’s not that resource-hogging game which you would ultimately opt to uninstall.

That being said, the graphics in the game are absolutely amazing, and you would love playing it.

Get Vertigo Racing for free from here

Vertigo Racing APK

This was our list of the Top 5 Android games of June. You might also want to check out our list of the best Steam Games you can play.