OnePlus 5 is one of the most awaited smartphones of the current time. No technology website has been shy of coming out with rumored specifications, price, and new features of the latest flagship as of late

While there have been a significant amount of leaks and rumors coming up every now and then about the OnePlus 5, the real thing is not too far now.

oneplus 5 price

The OnePlus 5 is soon coming to the market, the 22nd of June if we talk about India.

Read all about the specifications and almost confirmed features of the OnePlus 5 in our previous article. If you have not gone through it yet, follow OnePlus 5 earlier update

Still, let’s take a look at some of the basics of the OnePlus 5 in case you do not want to go away

  • A dual-camera setup
  • A Snapdragon 835 chipset
  • 6 GB/64 GB and 8 GB/128 GB memory options

Now, the latest leaks from sources suggest the price models of the OnePlus 5, which is going to be a bit shocking, considering everyone had expected the new OnePlus 5 to beĀ somewhat costly.

when is oneplus coming to india

According to the rumors, the 6 GB and 64 GB variant of the OnePlus 5 would retail in India for Rs. 32,999, whereas the higher end variant, having 8 Gigs of RAM and 128 Gigs of internal storage would retail at a slightly higher price of Rs. 37,999.

Converting it to dollars, the first one would cost the international users around $515, whereas the higher end variant would approximate to around $590.

This news has been in accordance with a website namedĀ True Tech.

OnePlus 5 price
image source: True Tech

Again, this is not an official news from OnePlus, and the actual prices may vary, but considering the authenticity of this website, we can still have an idea as to what the OnePlus 5 smartphone would cost us.

If you are waiting for the OnePlus 5 for so long, just mark the date on your calendar, June the 22nd.