Using the Internet on a personal computer pretty much requires a good web browser, and Google Chrome becomes, more or less, our first choice for that.

So, if you are also using Google Chrome to browse the internet, you probably already have all the necessary tools in handy to make your web browsing as convenient as possible.

However, there are always some hidden tricks to everything which, sometimes, go unnoticed.

Have you ever heard of Chrome Flags?

Chrome Flags are essentially plugins or setting tweaks which are majorly in the experimental stage.

You can know more about Chrome Flags in an article by Adobe, they have mentioned them quite nicely

Even if they are not, Chrome Flags set to their default usual settings as the developers believe they would be best optimized that way.

But, that does not stop us from playing with them does that?

By making use of these simple tricks, you can make your browsing experience all the way better by tweaking some of the Chrome Flags.

Step 1 – How to access Chrome Flags?

To access the Chrome flags, all you have to do is to open a new tab and enter the following address


After entering into this, you would see a plethora of different tweaks which you can fiddle around with.

But for the sake of not messing around with things too much, we have shortened the list down to the following tweaks which you can make use of.

Step 2 – How to find the best Chrome Flags

After opening the Chrome Flags section, you might come across a huge list of stuff you can fiddle around with, leaving you confused.

The best way out is the traditional way out.

Just Press the CTRL + F button, and search directly the names of the Chrome Flags mentioned over here

Best Chrome Flags #1 – Tab audio muting UI control

Have you ever come through a situation when you have opened a lot of tabs, and suddenly one of those tabs starts producing a sound? It might be a video, a song, or anything for that matter.

If something like that happens, the user has to either right-click on the tab producing the sound and click on the mute tab or has to open that tab, find the source of the sound, and mute it from there.

what are chrome flags

Quite a tedious task eh?

By pressing the enable button on this Chrome Flag, the user can mute/unmute any particular tab from the music icon that shows on it.

Again, not a big deal, but it sure would come in handy and you can always give it a try.

Best Chrome Flags #2 – Smooth Scrolling

Next up on our list of the Chrome Flags is a setting item called smooth scrolling.

what are chrome flags

This flag does not even require an explanation, as the name itself is self-explanatory.

By enabling smooth scrolling, one can scroll, well, smoothly.

This feature gets rid of the annoying stutter Google Chrome gives us when we are scrolling through the web pages.

Best Chrome Flags #3 – Show Autofill predictions

Using Autofill predictions, the user gives Google Chrome permissions to auto-fill the web forms right at the time of page load.

what are chrome flags

This feature of the Chrome Flags might look like nothing new to you, but enable it once and get to know the difference (It is not the usual chrome autofill)

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Best Chrome Flags #4 – Fast tab/window close

By enabling the Chrome Flag, all the tabs or windows the user is about to close, get closed way faster than usual.

what are chrome flags

This feature comes in handy when a Chrome tab just plainly rejects to close.

By enabling Fast tab/window close, the user can get rid of all the time wastage that occurs should a scenario like that ever arise.

Best Chrome Flags #5 – password generation

Password generation is one risky Chrome Flag, but a very productive one at that.

It lets Google Chrome generate a random, completely secure password for any website which requires an account to be made, automatically.

what are chrome flags

Why the risk you ask? Well, we always have the tendency of forgetting passwords we create by ourselves, and this one is being created by a bot.

Hence, you better save it somewhere safe if you want to use this Chrome Flag.

The list of the Chrome flags discussed in this article was a general list which can be used across platforms. There are, however, some specific Chrome flags which would help you if you want the solution to stuff like:

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