Google has recently launched a new beta update to its Chrome browser for all the Android devices – The Chrome Beta 60 update. Get to know all that’s new with this update.

The latest Chrome Beta 60 update for the Chrome browser brings in a lot of small, but significant updates, including a completely new search widget support that lets the user open up the browser just by tapping on it.

Though the Chrome Beta 60 update has its roots in a controversy, wherein Google was forced to develop a widget capable of switching between different search engines, the end result probably does not concern the users that much, as we get to have some pretty good features.

Chrome Beta 60 update
Chrome Beta 60 update

So, what’s new with the Chrome Beta 60? Here’s a list of the changelog

  • The earlier discussed search widget
  • Ever faced a situation when you open a website and suddenly some random pop up tabs open up, with an annoying vibration? Well, not anymore. The new update takes care of that, unless, of course, you tap on that particular tab
  • A newly added context menu
  • A newly added file picker

The best thing with this update is probably the precision with which Chrome handles the malware pop-ups now. This used to be one of the most irritating things for any Chrome user and it lead to a lot of them even switching to other browsers much more capable of handling spam websites – Take UcBrowser for an example.

Chrome Beta 60
context menu in the Chrome Beta 60 update. image source – Android Authority

The added context menu won’t be called a productivity feature, it just adds a layer of relevant icons next to the pop-up menu whenever some link on a web page is tapped.

It certainly makes things look aesthetically better if nothing else. The newly added file picker makes uploading the

files via Chrome a bit less cumbersome now. Again, it does nothing productive as such, but it’s always better to see something new right?





There is a catch, however, to use these newly added features in the Chrome Beta 60.

By default, these options are turned off and the user would have to turn them on manually.

How? Flags. Flags? Have a look at Google Chrome Flags in case you do not know how to tweak Google Chrome Flags.

For enabling the new features of the Chrome Beta 60, you have to enable the following flags

  • #enable-custom-context-menu flag
  • #enable-new-photo-picker flag

If you want to give the new Chrome Beta 60 a try, you can download it from the orange box given just below

Chrome Beta


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