Whenever we go to the market to buy some supplement, the first thing that comes to our mind is which supplement should we buy. It is a common problem with most of the people.

So, to make things easier for you, we are providing the list of best muscle building supplement.

Best muscle building supplement #1 Optimum Nutrition:

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

Optimum Nutrition commonly known as ‘ON’ is the number one brand for supplements in the market today. It’s not an Indian brand but still, it’s the most demanded brand in India. Optimum Nutrition deals in most of the supplements like PROTEIN (ON GOLD STANDARD), BCAA, CREATINE, MASS GAINERS, MULTIVITAMINS, BLENDS, CEASINE, PRE/POST workout drinks and they also provide us the best quality. But still, I would like to add something, no doubts  ‘ON’  gives the best quality products but it has only one flaw that its result is slow. It takes nearly two months to give good results which are again acceptable because these results last.

But remember one thing, as ‘ON’ is most popular, chances of impurities (by mixing) are most. Thus make sure you buy it from some authenticated dealer.

Best muscle building supplement #2 Ultimate Nutrition:

Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein

Ultimate Nutrition is also one of the best muscle building supplements.  ULTIMATE Nutrition also deals in all the supplements.

But it gives best results in proteins and mass gainers only. Other products of Ultimate Nutrition are not that efficient but still, it comes in second place when we talk about supplements because it provides quick and lasting results.

Best muscle building supplement #3 Dymatize:

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

Talking about best muscle building supplements, Dymatize is one of the most effective ones but it’s not that common in India. It deals in all kinds supplements and provides desired results if you workout properly in the gym. Dymatize is most known for its mass gainers.

Best muscle building supplement #4 Universal Nutrition:

Best muscle building supplement

Just like Optimum Nutrition, Universal  Nutrition also deals in all supplements and all of them are worth giving a try. It’s the second most rated brand in India. Its result is also slow but lasting.

Best muscle building supplement #5 Muscleblaze:

MuscleBlaze Super Gainer XXL Mass Gainers

Muscleblaze is one of the leading brands in India today. But some people criticize it because it’s an Indian brand and it’s really cheap in cost. So what if it is Indian brand? So what if it is cheap? Can’t they produce a good protein in India?

Yes, I know it is cheap and the reason behind that is you don’t have to pay high shipping charges for Indian products and yes they can produce a good quality protein in India. Muscleblaze also deals in all supplements and they all are good.

How do I check if a supplement is original or not?

It is a huge issue to check whether the product is original or not. But don’t worry its really simple. First of all make sure the box you are buying is sealed.

Keep one thing in mind, all good brands provide a scratch code over the sealed box. That is the authentication code. Send it to provided number or website you will come to know if it is original or not.

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