Is WordPress better than Blogger

Do you have the following doubts as well?

  • Blogger vs Self Hosted WordPress – which one should you choose?
  • Is WordPress better than Blogger?
  • Where should I be hosting my siteblog?

Before starting this article, I would like to give a big shoutout to ClusterCS, whom you would get familiar with later in this guide. So, let’s begin learning, shall we?

So this article is for those who have just decided to start with blogging, and are still confused as to which platform (or CMS) they should be going with for their siteblog. There are a lot of platforms you could probably choose, but we would narrow down our focus on the two top contenders for your blog hosting – Blogger and WordPress.

Is WordPresss better than blogger?

Now this question arises in almost anyone’s mind when it comes to choosing the right blogging platform. Both of these platforms have their own merits and demerits and I would try to make you familiar with all those.

But if you are either too reluctant to read those merits and demerits or if you are already aware of them, you should choose WordPress, period.

Please do note that we are comparing Blogger with a self-hosted website, not

Following are the key factors which might influence your choice of the perfect CMS for you

Is WordPress better than blogger? Reason #1 to prove the fact that it is

Blogger offers some decent control options, but they are fairly limited. If you are new to blogging, you might not feel it initially, but once you get some experience, you would definitely feel a bit ‘congested‘ so to say. So from a future-proof point of view, you should consider WordPress to be the better option. WordPress is an open source content management system, giving you almost unlimited possibilities of tweaking your website content. It also ensures that your articles follow proper SEO norms, ensuring organic traffic for your work. The Blogger widgets get the job done somewhat, but they lack the usability and productivity the WordPress plugins possess.

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Is WordPress better than blogger? Reason #2 to prove the fact that it is

Again, when it comes to looks and design, there is no competition between the two. While there is a provision of using third party templates for Blogger, they are no way near to the plethora of themes available for WordPress. Also, the WordPress themes look absolutely stunning. They are responsive, meaning they would look equally great on almost any device. This is crucial for an SEO point of view as well, for google gives priority to websites which are mobile friendly.

Is WordPress better than blogger? Reason #3 to prove the fact that it is

This is one thing which particularly irritates me about the Blogger platform. The text editor Blogger has is fairly limited.

It also happens to go crazy at times. If you post an article and go on to check how it looks ( there is no preview option in Blogger, you can not see how your article would look like before you actually publish it ). 

This is, in my opinion, a very unprofessional approach and it should have been fixed by Blogger. Strangely, nobody is there to care much about it.

This means if you can check your article only after publishing it, and then make the necessary changes. Imagine some readers are already reading that article, and you are constantly updating it to fix the mess Blogger has created for you. What impact would that lead to them?

This is just the beginning of problems for a Blogger user. If you use media items in your articles, you are never sure how that would turn out after publishing the article. Improper scaling of the images leads to a poor layout. It would hamper even the best of your work. The toolbar in Blogger, too, is pretty basic, and not that reliable.

You might make the whole article using one font, and end up having a mixture of unusual fonts and sizes. Sometimes, there might be some fields in your article which you might want to separate using horizontal lines. Turns out there is no such thing like that in Blogger.

This is how the Blogger toolbar looks like. Note that there are not many options available for an author to take advantage of.

And while it might look like this is all one probably needs to make an article, you might want to look at the next point. That would change your opinion about this.

WordPress, on the other hand, takes care of a lot of things. If, say, while writing this, I need to make some text Bold or Italic or Both, I just need to use some of the vast lots of custom key shortcuts available ( CTRL + B, Hope you would get the rest).

This might look like a small thing, but if you are into blogging, you must be knowing how helpful even this small feature can be. The media integration in WordPress is also pretty neat. The images you insert in your posts can be resized, cropped, flipped and what not.

Is WordPress better than blogger? Reason #4 to prove the fact that it is

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one thing we all strive for. We can promote our work all we want on the social media websites, but it is the organic traffic in the end which would matter the most.

WordPress takes good care of that. Have a look at the WordPress toolbar and you would realize how optimized it is.

blogger vs wordpress  blogger vs wordpress

This way, while I am making this article, I have a real-time peek at how my article would look like in search results. So I can improve and optimize my article accordingly. Neat eh?

Is WordPress better than blogger? Reason #5 to prove the fact that it is

Website loading time is a deal breaker when it comes to SEO. Google always gives priority to websites which load fast.

A blogger hosted website would depend a lot on the content being pushed into it for its load time.

If a website is too graphic or code heavy, it would take quite a while to load. This is not a good practice and it would certainly affect your rankings a lot.

Take an example of two of my own websites – a Blogger hosted Cyber Villager and a self-hosted Cyber Villager

Is WordPress better than blogger?blogger vs wordpress

Both the results are not that good, to be honest.

But clearly, the second one loads faster. WordPress offers some useful plugins to compress the images without compromising on the image quality, thereby decreasing the overall site load time.

Hence, it goes without saying that there is almost no competition when it comes to choosing between Blogger vs Self Hosted WordPress.

So you chose WordPress for your siteblog? If you did, Welcome to the Real World Of Professional Blogging.

The main reason people go for Blogger at the first place is probably because it’s free. All one has to do is to buy a custom domain and within 5 minutes, one has an active website running.

While this is true for sure, and I won’t be lying to you, I also used Blogger for a good solid time of my Blogging life until recently I crossed paths with ClusterCS.

ClusterCS is a company which would solve your WordPress hosting problems totally. If you are to use a self-hosted WordPress website, you need a web hosting and I strongly recommend you sign up with clusterCS.

There are an endless number of reasons for me recommending this company. But probably the biggest reason is how friendly and helping their support staff is.

What is clusterCS?

ClusterCS is a SaaS Web Server Management Panel that allows companies and individuals to remotely manage their cloud VPS and dedicated servers. This control panel is designed to work with any cloud instance, dedicated server or VPS, set up advanced domain access rules, and build high availability web clusters with just a few clicks. With ClusterCS, you have a platform that unifies all your servers and instances into a single location, making it easy for you to manage them. And it doesn’t matter where your servers are located. ClusterCS also guarantees faster load speeds and provides you with comprehensive insight and performance metrics for detailed statistics and analytics.

I am an expert in a lot of things, I make tech reviews about smartphones and a lot of other stuff. But whenever anyone asked me as to why I do not use a self-hosted website, my answer used to be – it is too technical for even a tech geek like me. It is rather a hassle to map your domain to the hosting agency’s servers, do FTP and what not. Now I assume you are also technically not that sound, so I would make this as easy as clusterCS made it for me.

All you have to do is, buy a custom domain for your website and Sign Up for with clusterCS. The rest of the process is made easy as anything by their team. This is all you have to do after signing up (Sign up from HERE)

After signing up, you would come across a screen like this

Is WordPress better than blogger?

  • Click on the control panel, and fill in the server details provided to you.
  • Once you are done with that, you have to click on domains and map your domain.
  • After this, click on Databases

Set any name you wish for your Database:

You also need a user for the CMS to connect to the newly-created database:

Again, choose a fitting name, and you can use our generator for a secure password:

Keep localhost checked if you are in a single server environment, and need to connect only from within it. If you want to have access to the database remotely or have a Cluster, then Anyhost will allow you so.

Giving permissions to access the database to the user should be the next step. Keep in mind, you should give it only the permissions it needs. (For most CMS, the permissions needed are SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, however, they may vary depending on the CMS and the plugins that you need).

Now you should have enough to install your chosen CMS… except for the CMS. Go ahead, download your CMS of choice and upload it to the public_html folder of your domain.

For example’s sake, I have chosen WordPress, from

Accessing your domain will take you to the install script of the CMS. Here is what mine looked like:

Is WordPress better than blogger?

Congratulations! You should now have a working CMS installed on your domain!

Was it too technical? Even if it was, it is worth it. For it would provide you with probably the best platform to showcase your blogging skills to the world.

While there are a lot of things clusterCS does for you, I do not want to overwhelm you with all of that knowledge. Though I would mention the things which should mention the most to you.

clusterCS offers a user:

  • Fast and Automated Setup
  • Centralized Management
  • Faster Loading Speed
  • Resource Usage Stats
  • Domain Management
  • Self-Monitoring and Healing

The company has been amazing, and it is well recognized as well. It is one of the top 200 IT Management Software products.

What would it cost me?

Is WordPress better than blogger?

Not much to be honest. The company has probably the best in the class pricing model. It even has a free plan for that matter.

I hope the ever-daunting question “Is WordPress better than blogger?” is answered now.

I hope the article helps you find success. If you happened to like it, do support us by sharing it. And should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment down below.