When it comes to a battle, we always compare the good with the bad – Day vs night, Truth over lies, Superheroes Vs Supervillains. But, if we were to compare two good guys, two superheroes, who would come out to be victorious?

Let’s compare our favorite superheroes from all over the world and imagine the results of the Superheroes Vs Superheroes Battles.

Superheroes Vs Superheroes #1: Nagraj Vs Spiderman


Nagraj is an Indian comic books superhero. He appears in Raj comics and he is one of the major reasons behind Raj comics’ success.

He was created by Sanjay Gupta in 1980.

His name is derived from the word Nagaraja, which means the king of snakes. He is a shape-shifting human being who got his powers because of a curse by an ancient mythological serpent God.

Superheroes Vs Superheroes


Spiderman is a Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee in August 1962.

He was an orphan boy, raised by his Uncle, Uncle Ben, and Aunt, Aunt May.

Spiderman is one of the most popular comic book characters in the entire world, and chances are very less that someone would not have heard his name ever.

Born a normal human being, Peter Parker(Spiderman’s real name) got his powers when a radioactivity-infused spider bit him.

Superheroes Vs Superheroes

Nagraj Vs Spiderman: Head to Head

Superheroes Vs SuperheroesSuperheroes Vs Superheroes









  • Has an unlimited amount of snakes living in his body
  • Has “snake sense”
  • Can change his shape to almost anything he desires
  • Can kill almost anyone in an instant with his venom
  • Can become invisible
  • Can hypnotize anyone
  • Has healing abilities, bullets can not hurt him


  • Can cling to walls like a real spider
  • Has superhuman strength
  • Has “spider sense”
  • Can swing through buildings using webs
  • Has an amazing speed and agility
  • Can use a net to snare or bind enemies



Taking into account the powers Nagraj and Spiderman possess, it turns out that if they were in a fight, Nagraj would clearly come out to be the winner, owing to his deadly abilities that could kill anyone within a fraction of a second.

Spiderman, without any doubts, is an all-powerful superhero, but he would not stand a chance if he had to battle Nagraj ever.

Nagraj Vs Spiderman: The winner

Superheroes Vs Superheroes

Clearly, Nagraj comes out to be the winner in the Superheroes Vs Superheroes battle





This was our prediction based on the powers Nagraj And Spiderman have.if you have

If you happen to differ from our prediction, do let us know who you think should win the battle.

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