I am pretty active on Quora, and the most frequent question people ask me almost every day is how to rank high in Google search results.

This is not a bad question at all, if you are a website owner, your ultimate dream must be to be the website numero uno of your niche.

An achievement apart, a good PageRank is also crucial for getting organic traffic. So this article is probably going to help you give a kickstart to your get high-rank campaign.

What exactly is Google search console?

Google search console is a tool for webmasters (the blog/website owners) to check how well their respective website is optimized and listed on Google.

People often tend to ignore this and trust me you, the moment you start using it, you might realize how wrong you probably were approaching towards SEO.

So starting things off with the layout, it might take you some time to get a hang of all the content out there as it might appear “too technical” for the non-nerds to be honest. But that’s why you are reading this article right?

If you look at the left sidebar, it starts with messages.

In the messages section, the webmaster gets to know all the changes and the notifications about his/her website. The changes in the target country( yeah, you could do that, didn’t know it yet?) or a new admin being added.

Next to messages, starts the real stuff.

Following are the key points of the menu:

  • Search appearance
  • Search traffic
  • Google index
  • Crawl

Google Search Console

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Search appearance

It has the following sub menu items:

Structured data

Structured data contains all the links your website has separated by red and blue colors, the blue ones being the ones with errors.

This helps the webmaster realize how many links his website has which need to be fixed and how many are working just fine.

You can even download the chart data Should you need to maintain a statistical data of your search analysis.

Rich cards

Rich cards are a very efficient way to rank high on Google as they help Google find relevant content from your website, though not so easy to implement for newbies, it’s a very important factor worth noticing and taking care of.

But considering you have just begun your journey, you could consider skipping this step for some time as there are plenty of other things which need to be sorted out first.

Data highlighter

Using this option, you can highlight any particular post or page of your website on Google search, Results .which in turn, makes it more visible to search results.

The best thing about this feature is that you can publish a single page containing thousands of your posts and all of those would get optimized for results.

HTML improvements

This feature detects issues with the meta tags of your website and lets you know if there are any possible chances of improving your HTML codes at different sections of your site.

This includes duplicate meta descriptions or the Tags which you have repeatedly used, knowingly or unknowingly.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Have you tried to search anything on Google and you see a thunderbolt like sign on some websites?

These are accelerated mobile pages, which load considerably faster than any other web page. Again, you need to set up your accelerated web pages for your website if you want to rank high in Google searches as Google prioritizes websites which have a fast response to users, which is quite obvious.

There is one important thing with AMPs though, if you are using Adsense, you have to optimize your ads for these pages separately, or else they won’t show.

Search traffic

Under the search traffic, you can access various features like Search analytics, links to your site, Internal links, manual actions(which allow you to take manual steps to optimize your site), International Targeting, Mobile usability etc.

Final words:

You might Be a top quality writer, an expert in your niche, what not, but unless the world is able to discover your work, it’s practically of no use. It’s like having a famous movie star on your show but not advertising it, if you can manage to be discovered, even a mediocre article would be far more worth than a top notch one without appropriate search rankings.

And you should almost take this for sure that your social media sharing alone is not sufficient enough to rank well in searches. There are other search engines as well wherein you can submit your site as well, thereby increasing your presence in the www even more. The best and by far the most user-friendly is

There are other search engines as well wherein you can submit your site as well, thereby increasing your presence in the www even more. The best and by far the most user-friendly is Bing webmaster tools.

The key areas you need to focus on are

1 Generating your sitemap

2 A constant index monitoring

3 Check for crawler errors, if any, they should be fixed as soon as possible

4 Ensure that your website is mobile optimized, this is one of the key points for your site being indexed and hence ranked properly in search rankings.

5 Try not to change your template/theme every other day, this draws away the rankings to a significant amount.

6 The more responsive your website is, the better the chances for your rankings increasing are. Hence, should you see anything like ‘your website is not mobile friendly’, it’s probably the right time to change your template?

As more and more people rely on smartphones and tablets now, it becomes quite vital that your website has a responsive design which supports every platform and screen size.

Though there’s a lot of things you can do to improve your presence on Google search, the things mentioned in the article are the most crucial as these are often ignored.

Following a habit of checking the website errors continuously on the google search console(other webmaster tools as well) is always a good thing to do.