Raj Comics set 1 2017

Raj Comics set 1 2017 is out in the market now.

The Raj Comics set 1 2017 includes two of the much-awaited comics – Phoenix and Doga Ast.

You can get the comics by ordering them online from the Raj Comics official website. As I have not received my order yet, so I just can not review Phoenix as it is one of my favorite Super Commando Dhruva series.

Update: The comics are available now. To get the Comics, I require someone to create a Whatsapp group and add everyone there. If anyone is interested, please comment below.

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Raj Comics set 1 2017: Phoenix (Balcharit Series #4)

Raj Comics set 1 2017

This is the latest and one of the most anticipated editions in Raj Comics history. The previous edition to the Baalcharit series (No Man’s Land) was nothing short of amazing.

It left us all hanging till the end and then some. Phoenix is supposedly going to provide us with an in-depth detail of the origin of Super Commando Dhruva.

This is something new as far as Raj Comics is concerned. It resembles more like the Wolverine Origins series of the Marvel Comics universe.

The story has been written and illustrated by Anupam Sinha.

Raj Comics set 1 2017: Doga Ast

Raj Comics set 1 2017

This is going to be the season finale of the Doga Unmoolan series. The Doga Unmoolan series is finally coming to a conclusion after two long years.

Unlike the earlier five issues which were of 32 pages, and the previous one – Nirmoolak Karnti which was 64 pages, Doga Ast is going to be an 80-page giant.

The series introduced us with a new powerful villain in Doga’s life – Nirmoolak.

Nirmoolak shook the very roots of Doga’s life and used up Doga’s attire to frame him for murder. Having turned the whole Mumbai against Doga, who lives and can die for the people of Mumbai, will Nirmoolak ultimately be able to break Doga forever?

Additionally, there is also a parallel story going on between Doga and Ansh. Apparently, Ansh is Doga’s (Suraj’s to be precise) childhood friend who has now become Nirmoolak.

In Doga Ansh, we would finally be seeing some action packed face off between Doga and Nirmoolak.

We would have to read the ultimate comic of the series to know about that.

If you have got the latest Raj Comics set, it would be amazing if you post a review of both the comics out here. We would feature your review in our article.

You also stand a chance to win a freebie. So go on, get the latest set, have a read, and post your reviews.