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List of the top 5 social networking websites to promote your content

So you made an article, took care of all the basics – yeah those crucial keywords THAT MATTER.

But even after following all the SEO practices, your article could not rank properly. Now there might be many reasons behind that – lack of sufficient content, already existing content and then some. But there might be another factor behind it – you did not share it well. Social media is often ignored when it comes to content promotion. And while saying this, You should know that by social media, we do not mean JUST FACEBOOK.

So in this short article, we are going to make you familiar with the top 5 social media platforms which might come in handy if you want to get a respectable rank in search results.

Top 5 social networking websites to promote your content #1: StumbleUpon

Top 5 social networking websites to promote your content

Stumble upon is one platform should you want to drive immediate and instant traffic. In addition to bringing almost an instantaneous traffic, stumble upon drives a pile of it which lasts for a long time.

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Though it would affect your bounce rate to a lot of extents, it would certainly help you bring in traffic, and a good portion of it would probably convert into your regular visitors. So this is a tradeoff you could afford.

I used to have those doubts in stumble upon during the initial stages of my blogging life, as whenever I used to post anything there, I used to get those 2 usual visitors from “San Antonio” as you would notice as well.

Turns out that the majority of users of stumble upon is from that place. So do not consider it as a bot traffic.

Let’s see how to use StumbleUpon ⏬

Top 5 social networking websites to promote your content

Click on the ”Add a Page” as shown in the above image.

how to use stumbleupon to drive traffic

Enter the URL of your content in the URL field, mark as ‘safe for work’ if you believe it is. Tell what your content is about, which would help in better indexing of your content. You can also insert relevant tags. After all this, just press the Save button and check your other tab wherein you have opened your ”Google Analytics”. 

You would notice people coming to your article in no time. Now it might sound a bit unrealistic to you, but there are still some articles of mine which are indexed by Google just because of StumbleUpon, so it works in the longer run as well.

Top 5 social networking websites to promote your content #2: Reddit

how to use reddit to drive traffic

Also called the face of the internet, Reddit is a place for some serious internet viewers. It is a place which has a huge potential to bring you viewers if used wisely.

By wisely, we mean you should not use it just to promote your content.

Of course, your primary intent is that only, but if the people out there realize that, they might completely turn your content down.

It’s always a good practice to join a “subreddit”, be an active member there, appreciate other people’s work, and then expect something out of them.

Though the Reddit interface might look like the old 90’s to you, it shows that they just mean pure business.

Though the so-called face of the internet could be prettier, that’s what it is, it’s the web after all. There are two ways you can promote your content on Reddit – by submitting it as a plain text, or by submitting the URL which points to it.

Now there are certain subreddits which won’t allow you to post a URL directly so you might have to fiddle through some subreddits to find the apt ones for you.

Always keep a check on the number of members a subreddit has, the more, the merrier.

After you have posted something, you might notice an up and a down arrow on the left of your post.

The more people upvote you, the higher your post would rank in the listings, and ultimately more people would read your content.

So you should always post quality and relevant content, as there is always a provision for them downvoting your content as well.

If you are able to get a respectable amount of upvotes, you won’t believe the huge traffic that would generate for you.

Top 5 social networking websites to promote your content #3: Medium

While the first two methods were immediate traffic boosters, this one is somewhat different. Medium is a place for authors who like to show off their writings.

There are in fact some bloggers who use just this platform to share their work. It has a solid population of serious writers and content creators.

You could either write an altogether new content ( called a story out here ) or even import your existing ones by using the ‘import a story’ feature wherein you just have to insert the URL of your article and it automatically converts it into a story. As easy as that.

It might take some time to get a significant traffic from Medium, but the one you would get from here would be the most targeted audience. Hence, it is always worth investing in some time on Medium.

This is how Medium works ⏬

how to use medium to drive traffic

Just click on ”stories”

Click on ”Import a story”

And just like you did in the case of StumbleUpon, just insert your URL and see the magic. You can even share your imported story on Twitter as well as Facebook.

Top 5 social networking websites to promote your content #4: Google Plus

Probably the most underrated social networking platform. But this is one of the most crucial ones and certainly not something to be ignored.

Don’t believe me? Let’s do an experiment right now. Stop reading this article, go share any random article of yours on google plus, and search for it on google.

You would definitely see that your Google Plus profile has shared it, and it would be on the first page of the search results. Now it won’t be visible for everyone like this, but Google would index it way faster than any other post of yours.

Additionally, you should invest some time in the g+ communities. If you get some followers out here, these followers would be one of the Most dedicated ones.

I won’t be telling you how to share things on Google plus as the potential readers of this articles are going to be bloggers and website owners. You, for sure, know how to share stuff on G+ right?

Top 5 social networking websites to promote your content #5: Flipboard

how to use flipboard to drive traffic

I saved the best one for the last. Flipboard is one of my primary sources for traffic on one of my websites. It is, without any doubts, the winner when it comes to Top 5 social networking websites to promote your content.

It is so good a traffic source, I sometimes have to make articles which are Flipboard friendly. What Flipboard does is, convert your articles into a beautiful card like structures, and collect them into a single entity called “magazines”.

What’s interesting about these magazines is, if you are intelligent enough, you could help yourself by helping others. Flipboard gives the users an ability to “flip” anything available out there, even someone else’s work.

This not only makes the person happy but also helps you populate your magazine. You can, in turn, ask the person to flip your content as well. So it’s a give and takes kind of a practice which helps everyone.

Additionally, there is no limit to the number of magazines you can create. A single article like this one could go into as many magazines I want, provided, the magazines are named appropriately.

To flip your content into a magazine you have created, you just have to tap/click the edit(the pencil icon ) at the top right corner of the Flipboard homepage, enter the URL, and provide an optional description if you want to, and click DONE.

That’s it, your content is now seamlessly integrated into the magazine and if you have inserted some good quality images in it, it would be all the way more beautiful.

The following is the screenshot of how one of my magazines looks like




Neat eh?


So this way, you can curate a quality magazine and raise some significant amount of traffic, and if they happen to like your work, some followers as well.

All you have to do is pretty simple, nothing too different.

Indeed this is my own Flipboard. Apparently, I also need promotion right?

Kidding apart, if you can notice the pencil icon on the top right, sitting right on top of my weird profile name, you just have to click on it, and enter your URL. Flipboard brings in a quality traffic and its been my hot favorite since ages.

So these were the top 5 social media channels wherein you could promote your content and get a significant boost to the number of viewers you have. This would help you achieve higher search rankings as well.

Additionally, I would recommend answering people on Quora, and once you build a good reputation out there, you would definitely see good results.

All you have to do is to follow certain niche and keep on answering people.

Make sure you sound legitimate and are not directly promoting your content as that might not go in your favor for the longer term.

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