Google RankBrain Algorithm-A Friend or A Foe?

Just like Penguin and Panda updates, Google’s RankBrain algorithm update created a stir when it was introduced in 2015. When Bloomberg covered a story about...


The List of the Best Vegan Proteins you can add to...

Best Vegan Proteins Proteins, as we know, are an essential part of our nutrition. Not only do they provide the required energy to the body...

Is ‘Venom’ movie any good? Venom’s story | Marvel | Sony

Everyone’s got their thing. Maybe it’s a breakup, a death, an accident. Whatever it is, you used to be one thing, and now you’re...

Itachi’s moral dilemma

Five Kages

Five Kages Vs Naruto

Might Guy

The Fastest Shinobi

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SEO Tips

Top 5 websites to check SEO

The Bing Bang theory: The Ultimate Cheat To Rank High in Search Results

SEO is not easy. It certainly is not easy when you are just starting off your journey. There is a long list of factors which affect the search rankings and it gets...
Top 5 WordPress Social Media Plugins

Blog2Social Review: The Best WordPress Plugin for Social Media Sharing

SEO is the number one priority when it comes to blogging. Social media sharing comes next. Blog2Social is the best way out for the latter. I often talk about the importance of...