Logitech Universal Folio

Logitech Universal Folio – A Keyboard for all

When we talk about getting a Keyboard for a Tablet, Logitech is probably the first name that comes to our mind, and it is rightfully so. In this article, we will be...

Airlink – Turn any headphone Wireless using this amazing gadget

Airlink is an amazing piece of technology. It allows you to turn any headphone you own into a wireless unit. What's even better? It works both with Android as well as...
Amkette Evo Pro 2

Amkette Evo Pro 2 review – The best gamepad for Android smartphones

Android smartphones have evolved much more than we could ever have expected. But when it comes to gaming, smartphones are still far from being a perfect fit for games The reason behind...
Logitech Slim Combo

Logitech has launched a new keyboard for the new iPad Pro

Logitech has recently released a new keyboard for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro - The Logitech Slim Combo | The only way to Pro The Logitech Slim Combo features a hard case for providing...
best smartphone cases

The best website to buy the most amazing phone cases

Looking for the best smartphone cases and covers? We have got you ‘covered’ With the arrival of every new smartphone, there is this rush of getting to know the specifications, features, price...
Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX: An innovation worth or waste?

Samsung DeX is Samsung's latest take on creating a portable desktop ecosystem. Creating something new does not always mean creating something successful. But to make something a success, creating it is a...
The 5 best headphones you can get under INR 999

The list of the 5 best headphones you can get under INR 999

Headphones are an integral part of any smartphone. Sadly, a lot of smartphone manufacturers tend to ignore this fact and they bundle the devices without a headphone. In case you do not...

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Convert Pro Review: The Numero Uno Lead Generation Tool For WordPress

Not too long ago, I was discussing the importance and relevance of email subscribers for a website. Generating leads in terms of email subscribers...


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