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World Cup 2018 Russia

World Cup Contenders 2018

As the World Cup qualifiers edge closer to its conclusion, countries like the Netherlands (runner-ups in 2010), USA, Croatia, and Wales find their former glory wafting up; and strangely enough, Egypt,...


Meet Tracy. A typical 24-year girl who twirls in a myriad graceful posture before the mirror. She hunches down with her one hand around her torso, her eyebrows shot up, and her...

Bollytics #2: What if Priyanka Chopra becomes External Affairs Minister?

We can't stop taking a dig into Bollytics. Well, politics has is own fun when clubbed with Bollywood. Full of spicy fun dose, adding to the hotness would be Priyanka Chopra! What...
Argentina Football Team

Messi- the scapegoat

Football is a team sport and is quite like a machine that works well when all components fall into place with perfect coherence and compatibility. But more often than not, the...
Gay Couple Germany

First German Gay Marriage

Germany has borne witness to an undulating wave in the change of opinions pertaining to their stand on same-sex couples and the rights that they have been offered over the course...
Russian President Vladimir Putin listens to Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos during their meeting at the Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, Russia, Friday, Jan. 15, 2016. (AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev, pool)

The Rise of a SPY: Vladimir Putin’s Success Story

Vladimir Putin has been ruling Russia since 1999. During this time, he has shaped the country. He has successfully invaded two countries and strengthened ties with Syria and Iran. He is...

Typical Indians #1: The list of the top 3 “Just Indian Things”

Typically Indians don't have best of both worlds but of 29 states & 7 union territories altogether. We have a pandora full of being typical. Typically Fun. Being a typical Indian has some...
The soul music Great, Sam Cooke

The Death of Soul Music

A thunderous orotund resounds, its tense intensity almost equals his firm clasp on the mike and the twirls only embellish the discontinuous poetry. Imbibed in the symphony, one almost becomes oblivious to...
bollytics amir khan

Bollytics #1 What if Aamir Khan becomes the Prime Minister of India?

Indian Politics is a big show business in itself. Aha! But What If?  Bollywood takes over the ride? "Bollytics!" That would be some good sight. Let's take a dig onto imagination What if?...
best CrossFit Supplements: BCAA

The list of the 5 Best CrossFit Supplements That You Should Use

Any CrossFit enthusiast must have a healthy and robust heart from the intense workouts. This is not an activity for people who give up easily. According to fitness experts, a good...

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The list of the most amazing personalities: Neil Patel

Neil Patel: The real life Mister Fantastic When you tak about blogging, you talk about Neil Patel... Have you seen this guy? He is more famous...


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