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Shikamaru and Kakashi

Konoha’s best strategist – Shikamaru or Kakashi?

Naruto once stated that Kakashi was better at devising strategies in comparison to Shikamaru. He also said that Kakashi had better skill with the Sharingan than Sasuke but that is for...
Aston Martin valkyrie

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Aston Martin's steadfast legacy trumps all - a legacy that has lasted 100 years and it is hellbent on not only retaining it but also on investing heavily to expand its...
Koenigsegg Agera RS

Koenigsegg Agera RS smashes top speed records

Just a month back supercar manufacturer Buggati was riding high and hurtling down its bump free smooth success, celebrating the launch of '42' model of $2 Million special edition Chiron. The...
Sasuke sage mode

Sasuke’s sage mode

There haven't been many Senjutsu users in Naruto. Well, part of the reason is that it is very difficult to use it. Regardless, one thing that has always eluded the fans...
Minato and Gamabunta

Minato’s Sage Mode

The blue-eyed blond with spikes similar to that of Naruto was always a shinobi of speculation, and one can argue repute. Minato's heroic feats left much to the imagination and it...
Chris Stapleton From A Room: Volume 2

Chris Stapleton – From A Room: Volume 2

Still coming to terms and grips with his popularity, Chris Stapleton is ready with yet another album to be released on 1 December. Riding high on the Nashville tide, the country...

Samehada – The Greatest Sword

The huge sword resting on the shoulder of Kisame has always been known for its mystique and allure. The gigantic sword hasn't had many wielders and the ones we know of were...

Eminem – Walk on Water

Ever since the fake drug add came to the fore, fans have been combing through the scrap to uncover any crucial details of the upcoming Eminem album as the speculations simmer to a...

Tobirama – The Second Hokage’s Strength

Much like his brother, Tobirama was a powerhouse who could shake an entire house by lifting his finger and quite contrary to his brother's viewpoint, he was a rather pragmatic man....
Sam Smith

Sam Smith New Album

Modern English soul arguably resides comfortably over the shoulders of two giants - Adele and our very lovable Sam Smith, the two exemplary bastions of Soul music in the present music...

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Mgid is a native advertising network which provides the publishers with an amazing platform to earn money from the traffic they receive on their websites. If...


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