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Eminem Freestyle

Eminem Freestyle

The "shady" diatribe on Donald Trump's "shoddy" performance as a president was as political as it was creative, packing double entendres, carefully worded innuendos and dense internal rhyming; all "culminating" in...
Minato and Gamabunta

Minato’s Sage Mode

The blue-eyed blond with spikes similar to that of Naruto was always a shinobi of speculation, and one can argue repute. Minato's heroic feats left much to the imagination and it...
The Undertaker

Undertaker, the best big guy?

A bell reverberates with a metallic twang. A domineering figure walks with a pitiless gait and the undulating black coat houses the memory of many befallen souls. The opponents swallow their...
The best upcoming movies in 2017

The list of the best upcoming movies in 2017

Summer has begun and so has the wait for the amazing movies(2017 had a lot of them coming) Below is a list of the best upcoming movies which are a must watch: ...
The list of the top 5 protein rich foods

The list of the top 5 foods that are too rich in protein

Top 5 protein rich foods People who don’t take supplements often find it difficult to fulfill their protein needs. Protein is an important nutrient for bodybuilding, so it is necessary to take...
bulla and lulla

The one above all the lists

Was a fine summer day when she walked into my life. The smile on her face is something I would never forget. Was a nobody back then, I. Had not even...
Real life Felicity Smoak

Real-life “Felicity Smoaks”

Real life "Felicity Smoaks" - A list of the most amazing geek ladies. When we talk about tech reviews, smartphones, or any gadgets for that matter, we usually, knowingly or unknowingly, imagine...
Conscious Rap

Conscious Rap

From Biggie's fun-frenzied "Tits and bras, menage-a-tois, sex in expensive cars" to Tupac's conscious rap "Cops give damn about a Negro, pull a trigger kill a nigga and he's a hero", rap music has...
Chanakya neeti books purchase online

Chanakya – The Man Who Broadened Horizons

People who are leaders are humble servants to mankind, here is a great teacher and has left us a great load of teachings to relish and imbibe.
Raj Comics set 1 2017

Latest Raj Comics set 1 of 2017: Stuff you need to know

Raj Comics set 1 2017 is out in the market now. The Raj Comics set 1 2017 includes two of the much-awaited comics – Phoenix and Doga Ast. You can get the comics...

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Relevance of Accelerated Mobile Pages in SEO: January 2018

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP as we know them, are nothing new to the world. In case you do not know as to what they...