The list of the best SEO tips to help promote your website or your blog. In case you did not know, SEO is one of the crucial factors for any website...

Yoast SEO 5.0

Yoast SEO 5.0 – brings in a text link counter feature

Yoast is an invaluable WordPress plugin and one of the most amazing SEO tools. It is so powerful and efficient that sometimes I tend to forget all the other plugins I make...
How to do SEO?

16 SEO FAQs We Still Struggle to Understand: An infographic

What is SEO? How do I maintain SEO for my website? Do Keywords matter for SEO? These are some pretty basic questions which almost every website owner has while they are working...
are rich cards good for SEO?

The best WordPress Plugin to convert your posts into rich snippets

Welcome back to yet another article about SEO. In case you have read my earlier posts about website SEO, I am pretty sure they must have helped you achieve better rankings...
Top 5 WordPress Social Media Plugins

The List of the top 5 Social Media Plugins for WordPress

You can be the best in the world at what you do, but unless the world knows about it, your talent is of little use The same fact applies here as...

Semrush review: Jump into the SEO Express

SEMrush review If you check the SEO section of Stuff Listings, you might find some pretty useful tips about SEO. One vital tool which I had still not mentioned so far...
Best WordPress plugins

The Top 5 WordPress Plugins you should not be missing on

The best WordPress plugins that would take your productivity to a whole new level. I know I have missed a lot of other crucial plugins in this list of the Best WordPress plugins,...
Google Search Console

List of the top 5 social networking websites to promote your content

List of the top 5 social networking websites to promote your content So you made an article, took care of all the basics - yeah those crucial keywords THAT MATTER. But even after...
Is WordPress better than blogger?

Blogging platforms: is wordpress better than blogger?

Is WordPress better than Blogger?  Do you have the following doubts as well? Blogger vs Self Hosted WordPress - which one should you choose? Is WordPress better than Blogger? Where should I...
are alt tags important for website SEO

Are alt tags important for website SEO

Why do we use the alt text property for pictures on web pages? Before starting off with the article, let us have an idea of what alt text or alt tags actually...
get huge followers on Instagram

The List of the Top 50 ways to get a huge following on Instagram

How to get huge followers on Instagram? - We have got you covered Using these tips from this list, you can get loads of followers for your Instagram profile. 1.Use hashtags that are...


Samsung DeX: An innovation worth or waste?

Samsung DeX is Samsung's latest take on creating a portable desktop ecosystem. Creating something new does not always mean creating something successful. But to make...


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