A list of useful articles which would help bloggers set up their blog, improve SEO and earn from their websites

Best WordPress plugins

The Top 5 WordPress Plugins you should not be missing on

The best WordPress plugins that would take your productivity to a whole new level. I know I have missed a lot of other crucial plugins in this list of the Best WordPress plugins,...
are alt tags important for website SEO

Are alt tags important for website SEO

Why do we use the alt text property for pictures on web pages? Before starting off with the article, let us have an idea of what alt text or alt tags actually...
get huge followers on Instagram

The List of the Top 50 ways to get a huge following on Instagram

How to get huge followers on Instagram? - We have got you covered Using these tips from this list, you can get loads of followers for your Instagram profile. 1.Use hashtags that are...

ClusterCS: The solution to your hosting needs

ClusterCS: All you need to know ClusterCS is a SaaS Web Server Management Panel that allows companies and individuals to remotely manage their cloud VPS and dedicated servers. This control panel is designed...
Neil Patel: The real life Mister Fantastic

The list of the most amazing personalities: Neil Patel

Neil Patel: The real life Mister Fantastic When you tak about blogging, you talk about Neil Patel... Have you seen this guy? He is more famous on the internet than any Hollywood celebrity(probably,...
Is WordPress better than blogger?

Blogging platforms: is wordpress better than blogger?

Is WordPress better than Blogger?  Do you have the following doubts as well? Blogger vs Self Hosted WordPress - which one should you choose? Is WordPress better than Blogger? Where should I...
Google Search Console

A guide to Google Search Console: The most basic stuff you need to take...

I am pretty active on Quora, and the most frequent question people ask me almost every day is how to rank high in Google search results. This is not a bad question...
Google Search Console

The list of the Simplest tricks to rank high in search results

Simplest tricks to rank high in search results: A guide to good SEO When it comes to SEO, everyone has his/her own set of theory. Some believe in giving search rankings an...
Real life Felicity Smoak

Real-life “Felicity Smoaks”

Real life "Felicity Smoaks" - A list of the most amazing geek ladies. When we talk about tech reviews, smartphones, or any gadgets for that matter, we usually, knowingly or unknowingly, imagine...
Google Search Console

List of the top 5 social networking websites to promote your content

List of the top 5 social networking websites to promote your content So you made an article, took care of all the basics - yeah those crucial keywords THAT MATTER. But even after...

Most Popular

The best trick to integrate Facebook Messenger for WordPress

Comments on any post or article on a website are of prime importance for two basic and obvious reasons. It is not only crucial...


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