Typically Indians don’t have best of both worlds but of 29 states & 7 union territories altogether. We have a pandora full of being typical. Typically Fun.

Being a typical Indian has some high-stakes but we all have one common parameter that can be summarized as “Jo tera hai woh mera hai, Jo mera hai woh tera”. Now, that would be decent but what we intend to say is “Lagi toh teri bhi hai”.

1. A typical Indian family is under suspicion always, it is been spied, it has a “Jagaa Jasoos”, the desi detective “Pados waali aunty” (neighbor). She is the female version of Byomkesh Bakshi. Now trust me, she knows about my life more than I do, and for this matter, she knows about everyone else’s life more than she knows her own life. Typically sick but typically Indian.


2. A typical Indian drama consists of an episodic “Aap ki Adalat” when results come out and when parents & relatives play the best of devil’s advocate. Sometimes, I wonder Devil would be more kind. Relatives might forget to wish you “Happy Birthday” but results? Na na na.. and to add more fuel to the fire there’s always that “Sharma ji ka ladka” who would do better than you, regardless of what you do (that extra 1 mark).


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3. A typical Indian family has its own roundtable conference that I like to call “Chai pe charcha”. Let me tell you, all that you do, all that you don’t even do ..is impractically scrutinized, dissected & propagated via the minutes of meetings (Whatsapp) or phone. And after all, that’s been talked about the attitude that comes to close the gossip is “Hume kya?” or even better “Saanu Ki”.


Indian’s have their own medium of entertainment. We binge on people. Maybe it’s a bit too much most of the time but the fact that this is what happens to everyone, it calls for an empathetic delight. Follow #stufflistings for more updates on Typical Indians.

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