Welcome to Android Games Weekly #4. Let’s have a look at the list of the Top 5 Android Games of the final week of September 2017.

The month of September has seen a plethora of new games on the Google Play Store.

Additionally, some of the existing Top charts contenders have got some massive updates which make them a worthy contender to be included in the list.

Android games weekly: September #4

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld reviewGangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Get it from the Play Store

By far, Gangstar has been the best open world game franchise for Android devices. This time, the game takes us to New Orleans. Time to become a legendary criminal.

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars reviewStormbound: Kingdom Wars

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Get it from the Play Store

Stormbound is one such game which combines the classical card games with the likes of the strategies of board games. Dominate the world of kingdoms with your skills. Stormbound is sure to keep you busy.

Hunters League : The story of weapon masters reviewHunters League : The story of weapon masters

Price: Free with in-app purchase

Get it from the Play Store

Adventures, challenges, teamplay: Hunters League has it all.
Become the master and lead the team of hunters to glory. Hunters League will test your intelligence and skills as a leader. In order to win, you need to collaborate, you need to plan, you need to accept the challenges.

Hunters League is a unique game in itself. With amazing graphics and sounds, one would be shocked to notice the minimal resources the game requires to run. It is, without any doubts, one of the better Android Games of the current time.

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Guns of Boom - Online Shooter reviewGuns of Boom – Online Shooter

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Get it from the Play Store

Guns of Boom is an online First Person Shooter game which has got a substantial amount of downloads recently. As a matter of fact, it is one of the Top 5 downloaded Android Games of the month. The reason is simple – it’s awesome.

  • Easy and intuitive controls: pump your opponents full of lead from the get-go!
  • Awesome graphics for immersive gameplay: stylish levels and cool animation will keep you glued to the screen!
  • Autofire: all you need to do is get the enemy into your crosshairs.
  • Dynamic battles: play on a team and rip your enemies to shreds! The more active you are in battle, the better your reward will be!
  • Various guns: 48 weapons to choose from, including machine guns, assault and sniper rifles, shotguns, and more. Each has its own unique ability: increased headshot damage, slowing down enemies, and even health leeching. Find a gun that fits your style of play!
  • Explosive fun: free mobile shoot-outs that will leave your heart pounding! Gear up, soldiers!

Alien Path android games reviewAlien Path

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Get it from the Play Store

Alien Path is the perfect mixture of RPG, Puzzle, Path-Planning, and Strategy under one hood. One of the best Android Games of the month, Alien Path is not a game for everyone. Some would find it cute, and then there would be some who’d find it too “childish”. Nevertheless, it is one game worth trying.

Did we miss any interesting Android Games? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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