Why do we use the alt text property for pictures on web pages?

Before starting off with the article, let us have an idea of what alt text or alt tags actually are and find out the answer to the question – are alt tags important for website SEO?

Alt Tags – what are they?

If you own a website or a siteblog, chances are that you already know what Alt texts or Alt tags are.

Alt texts or alternate texts are a way to describe the images being used for a web page.

Alt texts are pretty relevant and hold a lot of significance for some obvious reasons.

For starters, the Alt texts allow search engines like Google to give them an idea of what the image being used means. Other than this very important reason just mentioned, Alt texts are actually an alternative to the images they are applied with – they show up whenever the image can not be loaded for any particular reason(A slow data connection, maybe.)

Samsung DeX

Take this photo from Stuff Listings for an example. The Alt text or the Alt tag for this image is “Samsung DeX”

Now, even if the image can not be loaded properly(go on, try doing that if you feel like), it would still show up a text Samsung DeX no matter what.

Interesting fact about Alt Texts

Do you know how the visually impaired use the internet? They tend to use screen readers in order to access the web pages.

The problem with screen readers is, they can not read out an image. Alt texts come in handy at those times and the readers can interpret them easily, just like any other text.

Are alt tags important for website SEO? Even if they are not, they are important for a significant amount of visitors who might get benefit from the fact that you used them.

This fact probably justifies the reason as to why Alt Texts are used. Why do we use the alt text property for pictures on web pages? – To make the internet accessible to even those who can not see.

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How can I add Alt tags or Alt texts in my images?

Adding Alt tags or Alt texts is nothing too technical. Depending on the CMS you are using, you can have a look at the images which follow to have an idea.

By the way, which CMS are you using right now? Do let us know in the comments section down below. Additionally, you can check out our comparison of WordPress And Blogger to have an idea as to what CMS you should be choosing if you are new to blogging.

If you are using Blogger, you can insert the Alt tags this way

Are alt tags important for website SEO?
Click on “Properties” from the bottom menu bar
Are alt tags important for website SEO?
Write your Alt text or Alt tag there

And that’s it, you are good to go.

In a similar fashion, If you are using WordPress, you can insert the Alt tags this way

Are alt tags important for website SEO?Are alt tags important for website SEO?

Just pay proper attention to what you insert in the Alt text field. It should be relevant to the content you are creating.

Generally, because there is a lot of things a content creator needs to take care of when making an article, we tend to forget to mention the Alt Texts which is rather a bad practice. Are alt tags important for website SEO? Maybe, maybe not.

Are alt tags important for website SEO?

Google does not specify mentioning the Alt texts as one of the key factors for SEO, but again, taking out a little amount of time in mentioning them won’t hurt right?

Moreover, there is a large traffic which uses the google images page, and by taking care of your Alt texts, you get a chance to get more visitors onto your website or your siteblog from the images search as well.

I hope the article would solve your doubts about the Alt Texts, how to implement them, and whether they are important for SEO or not.


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